Debt collection

Debt Collection Lawyer

The activity of debt collection is a fundamental service in order to protect the interests of companies, professional people, artisans and private citizens.

The intervention of a lawyer is necessary to protect the Client from anyone, who doesn’t honour the assumed payment engagement (e.g. due to supply of goods and services, bills and cheques, recognition of a debt, etc.) or legal obligations (e.g. payment of running expenses) but also in case if the Client needs to extend his/her debts due to temporary lack of liquidity.

The activity of debt collection performed by the LEGAL PRACTICE LUONGO consists of preliminary analysis of the claimed credit typology and the solvency of the debtor, even by means of access to the main databanks, where the practice is equipped with (Chamber of Commerce, Cadastre, Registries and the Bureau of motor vehicles).

Subsequently the strategies to be adopted in order to collect the sums will be defined.

Then a letter will be send to the debtor and in case of failed payment will be proceeded with the most suitable legal action (ordinary action, injunction appeal, order proceeding) and the next executive phases (distraint of movables or real properties, distraint of current accounts, of a fifth of the salary or the pension).