Medical Responsibility

The LEGAL PRACTICE LUONGO offers its Clients assistance and advice regarding the medical responsibility, in defence of both the patient and the doctor.

The preliminary activity of the Practice is to obtain a medical – legal report, in order to clarify if the damages suffered by the patient have been caused by the behaviour of the doctor, who acting with negligence, incompetence or imprudence, injured him/her.

Once obtained this report, the Practice will forward the damage claim directly to the doctor and the hospital.

If the damage hasn’t been paid by the doctor, the hospital or his insurance, which normally covers those responsibilities, the Practice will immediately proceed with the judicial phase.

In order to obtain a quicker compensation for damages, the Practice will have recourse – where possible – to the Preventive Technical Investigation, which gives the opportunity to conclude the dispute in a relatively quick way compared to the long times of an ordinary judicial procedure.