Damages For Road Accident

The LEGAL PRACTICE LUONGO offers its experience and professionalism in favour of everyone, who wants to reach in a shortest possible time and even in case of direct indemnification, damages suffered due to a road accident, for car damages only and for injuries.

Statistically it has been estimated that people, who remains victim of a road accident, not being able to value if the damages offered by the insurance are more or less sufficient, accept damages on average 45% less compared to the sum the insurance would have paid by intervention of a lawyer.

In order to avoid that the insurance take advantage of the victim, it is always advisable to contact an experienced lawyer in this matter, thus to obtain higher damages compared to the one obtainable with the “do it yourself” method or by means of road accident agencies.

The ten-year long experience of lawyer Luongo in this field, together with the collaboration of highly qualified legal specialists, allow to conclude most accidents without turning to the Ordinary Justice.

The Legal Practice Luongo also guarantees a suitable legal protection in case of dispute from the insurance or in case of an inadequate damages offer.