Separation and divorce

Family Law

The breaking off of a marriage, a living together and all the problems regarding the children, need particular attention and sensitivity from the lawyer, which concerns more than the juridical aspect only.
The LEGAL PRACTICE LUONGO offers its Clients assistance and advice even through mediation activity in order to reach – where possible – an agreement regarding the separation or divorce conditions. The choice of the separation by mutual consent, based upon agreement of the married couple, is without doubt the quickest and cheapest way to terminate a marriage. The average time to obtain a separation by mutual consent varies from three to five months, compared to a much longer period ( that varies from two to three years) to reach a separation of judicial type (that means in case of non-agreement between the married couple). After three years of the separation, it is possible to start the divorce procedure. The divorce can be joined or contentious, according if there will be reached an agreement between the married couple, in the same time and same way, as above mentioned for the separation.

The activities performed by the Legal Practice Luongo in this field concern:

  • Personal separation of the married couple, by mutual consent or juridical;
  • Divorce, joined or contentious;
  • Appeal for alteration of the separation a/o divorce conditions;
  • Foster care of the younger children, alteration of the economical and visit conditions;
  • Problems regarding natural children, that is, born by unmarried parents;
  • Acknowledgement and disclaimer of paternity;
  • Interdictions, disqualifications and appointment of a support administrator.